TransformationHQ Danielle Mellor Success Story


I was diagnosed with MS in December of 2011. As anyone would, I felt very uncertain about my future. 

I was a pretty regular gym goer at the time. But it was always a case of “going and getting it over with”. I was diagnosed because I’d woken up one day with a total weakness down the right side of my body. Obviously, all gym-going stopped as I found a way to come to terms with my diagnosis. As the months went on, I got slightly stronger but I was still massively weak on my right side. I cancelled my gym membership, believing that I’d never be able to go back. I was really affected by fatigue, especially in the evening. It would be painful to just stand up after 7 o’clock. So, I just sat on the sofa, eating! I obviously began to put on weight until a friend introduced me to Carl at a wedding. I thought, “Maybe this man can help me!” I told him everything and he promised to read up on MS and guaranteed that he would be able to help me. I began to feel positive. 

I remember the first time I met Carl, I said “I want to feel strong. If I lose weight then that’s a bonus. But I just want to feel strong.” So, I began training at HQ and it has surpassed all my expectations. I used to get something called an ‘MS Hug’. Not as pleasant as it sounds, it’s when the muscles around your waist are in constant spasm and it’s sometimes a struggle to breathe. After some time at the gym, that has completely disappeared. 

The night time fatigue, which really affected me, has almost disappeared. I never dreamt I’d be able to do a gym session at 7.45 in the evening! But I do every Tuesday! When my friend took my ‘before’ photo, it’s quite obvious I looked at a bit of a lopsided slant. That’s because I was putting all my weight on my left leg because my right was so weak. Even weaker in the evening. At the time, I remember thinking “Hurry up and take the photo so I can sit down again!” 

There are loads more improvements. My right leg used to shake uncontrollably when I lunged. That has improved massively. I used to get pins and needles in my face. I haven’t felt them in about a year! I used to feel a weird pressure feeling in my ears. That’s gone. I used to be completely overcome with a horrible, sicky, dizzy feeling when I lay on my back. That’s got loads better. 

I’m coming up to my two year anniversary at HQ and I thoroughly believe it’s the best decision I ever made. Thank goodness I met Carl at that wedding because I seriously dread to think where I’d be without Transformation HQ. There’s been a myriad of physical improvements, but it’s the mental ones that I’m most proud of. Carl says I’m now strong from head to toe, which is wonderful to hear and I definitely feel it, but I’m also strong mentally. I have found a dedication I never knew I had and I know for a fact that MS is never going to beat me. There’s a common saying in MS circles, “I have MS, it doesn’t have me.” And I know for a fact that thanks to HQ and the knowledge I have learnt from all the trainers, it never will.

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