TransformationHQ Emma Boulton Leaner Legs Success Story

As I’m always up to give anything new a try when Carl mentioned ‘Leaner legs’ I thought I’d definitely give it a go. … what did I have to lose?!

Weeks 1-4 were relatively easy, having to attend and extra session on a Saturday focussing just on legs and recording everything I ate, something which I thought I would never do, but strangely it just became the norm and I really started to enjoy knowing what Marcos were in the food I was eating.  

The extra leg sessions, although completely different from a normal HQ session were good.  I’ve learnt new techniques which I will continue to use.

In weeks 4-8 our food intake changed and I struggled slightly on eating enough fat as a high fat diet is not what I would normally eat, but trusting Carl, I did my best.  

I have noticed a big difference in my core area and my legs are definitely leaner, I have lost inches and hopefully my bum, although I can’t see it easily, is more pert!

emma-boulton-before1emma-boulton-before  emma-boulton-after1emma-boulton-after

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