TransformationHQ Grace Cole Success Story

This was Grace before she joined Transformation HQ…


And this is her now…


Why did you first join Transformation HQ and has it helped you towards your body shape goals?

A friend recommended it.


What else have you tried before and did it work?

Bigger gyms/classes

 How has our simple approach to eating healthy helped you?

The key to optimum results is the consistency in your diet with the right foods and by keeping it simple helps you achieve this. 


Why is Transformation HQ different?

More personal, better focus, small group sessions.

 What would you say to those who fear Transformation HQ?

It’s just an excuse – get signed up! 


Do you feel Transformation HQ is a friendly and motivation place to be? Is so why?

Yes definitely, everyone is friendly and the only person your competing with is yourself!

How do you fit Transformation HQ into your busy schedule?

My schedule is busy but I make Transformation HQ part of that busy schedule, if I didn’t other ‘important’ tasks may mean I don’t go minimum 3 times a week or at all!

How did you find the 12 week body transformation photo shoot?

I’ve done 2 now, so I think that speaks for itself. What was most frustrating area of your body before you started Transformation HQ? And has this now improved?

THE most frustrating area of my body is my jelly belly! I just tell myself though to just keep going and I do see slight changes every now and then which reassures me that my body is still changing.


Would you recommend Transformation HQ to friends and family? Is so why

I’ve recommended numerous people to HQ and will continue to do so.

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