TransformationHQ Jane Stamford Success Story

This was Jane before she joined Transformation HQ…


And this is her now…


Why did you first join Transformation HQ and has it helped you towards your body shape goals?

I joined as I was newly single, nearly fifty and had been overweight for most of my life and wanted to change. Since joining my life has changed completely. I am more confident and well on the way to the body shape I want.


What else have you tried before and did it work?

I tried slimming clubs, always lost some weight in the beginning but it always went back on and more.

How has our simple approach to eating healthy helped you?

It is so easy, I work full time and are very busy with family, there was no weighing, measuring. Just eat anything non modified, I actually eat more now than I ever did.

Why is Transformation HQ different?

The level of support from the HQ trainers is excellent and talking to other members and sharing experiences in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere really helps. There is always somebody who can help you over any obstacle you are facing. The social side is great, it’s like an extended family.


What would you say to those who fear Transformation HQ?

DON’T…. I walked into my first session on my own, I was terrified. It took me a few sessions to feel comfortable but I have never looked back.

Do you feel Transformation HQ is a friendly and motivation place to be? Is so why?

There is support from everybody, Trainers and members, always someone to help or talk to. It is so friendly, you don’t feel you have to compete against anyone just improve against your own goals.

How do you fit Transformation HQ into your busy schedule?

Doing anything new takes time, but make the commitment to 3 sessions a week, plan food ahead, bulk cook at weekends. Double up evening meals and take to work for lunch. Make breakfast the night before. There are so many ways to make it easier and if you are struggling ask for help. So many people have already been through what you are struggling to over come.


How did you find the 12 week body transformation photo shoot?

It was very hard the first time, but listen to what the trainers tell you, ask if you are unsure and be determined to see it through. I said I would never do it…. I have done 2 now and you get amazing results. Its only 12 weeks, there is an end always in sight it’s not forever.

What was most frustrating area of your body before you started Transformation HQ? And has this now improved?

I was totally overweight so my whole body lol. I am now happy with the way I look but I am always pushing for improvement and it’s my stomach that needs more work. So will continue to ask questions to improve and push my training hard.

Would you recommend Transformation HQ to friends and family? If so why?

I already have, I started on my own and now my Son, Daughter and Daughter in-law all attend. I talk about it at work and a couple of colleagues have joined. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I love it.

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