TransformationHQ Jenny Jones Leaner Legs Success Story

I have really enjoyed the leaner legs program and could’ve quite happily carried on longer than the 8 weeks!! I found the diet very easy to follow and absolutely loved the extra legs session we had to do as well as our 3 adapted main HQ sessions. Before starting the programme I had never tracked calories and macros or used my fitness pal. After a week or so of using the app it all fell into place and it made life so much easier. I would go on at night and plan my next days food which helped a lot with meal planning and prep, especially planning for non training days when my calories were lower – I knew exactly what I should be eating.

As we were put on a high fat lower carb diet the foods we could eat and make were really tasty, I never got bored! It took me a while to get my head around the amount of calories and fats I had to eat in a day as it was much more than I would dream of eating but after a few tweaks such as adding a banana to my workout it was quite manageable, then we dropped calories and grams slightly about half way though and even though the carbs were really low at this point I still had loads of energy and never actually felt starving!

I took a photo at the very start, after week 3 and after week 5 and you could see the change in my body shape, especially my waist! Even though I knew my legs had got stronger and my trousers felt a lot looser I didn’t think I could see a big difference in the mirror – the photos proved me completely wrong! I also weighed myself at week 5 and had lost just under half a stone and by the end of the program I had lost just over half a stone in total. My entire body has changed shape not just my legs, especially around my waist and stomach – my abs are visible again!

I have also noticed I have got a lot stronger and can squat a lot lower and even though the workouts have consisted of mainly leg work, I have got stronger on top too, being able to drop a band on the pull ups!

I am going to continue eating this way and following the plan and as we have been given our legs workout to keep so I will be using the strength room at least once a week to keep it up!!


jenie-jones-before jenie-jones-before1 jenie-jones-before2

And after…

jenie-jones-after jenie-jones-after1 jenie-jones-after2 jenie-jones-after3

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