TransformationHQ Karen Burgess Success Story

We love good cardio post 😉

We generally don’t do it to preach we just speak from the years of experience and results we have had with people and the behaviour and habits we listen to from members.

Now the fact of the matter is if you choose to only participate in cardio based activities when it comes to loosing fat and staying in shape you have to constantly increase the amount of time you work out and this does have a damaging effect on your body and joints. We suggest you take the advice from valued HQ member Karen Burgess and weight train and use cardio for enjoyment not fat loss. After a year of listening to us and seeing the results she has this to say …. well worth a read

Just wanted to take the time to say thx and well done.

I’ve been punishing my body with cardio for 30 yrs. (although I enjoy it it’s not great for the joints).

As the years crept by, I had to massively reduce carbs to prevent weight gain and train longer. It’s taken you a year to convince me! I still love the occasional run outdoors and cycling is a passion. BUT 5 days a week it’s now HQ and strength…no longer carb starving. Feeling strong and liking the muscle definition. So thanks again…I have recommended you to several people who I now see enjoying HQ too. Happy new year!

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