TransformationHQ Kerrie Critchlow Success Story

Kerry before…


I just want to say a massive thank you to Carl, Ryan,Will, Anne and Jules at Transformation HQ. Ive had a truly amazing year and am sad to be taking 3 months out due to other commitments but I’m sure time will fly.

When I first started at HQ I lacked confidence in my body and the ability to believe in myself, HQ has taught me inner strengths and just how important it is to make you feel better about yourself! I’m not just a wife and mum with no time for anything else, it has shown me to take that challenge and embrace your abilities to achieve more. Not to be worried about numbers on the scales or the obsession for counting calories (which most of us do). I haven’t weighed myself in 11 months. 

When I first started HQ I couldn’t even do 1 pull up, now I can do 11 (thanks Will for always pushing me that bit more)I’ve not just transformed my body but my life as well, I feel fit, strong and healthy and understand now anything is possible with hard work and great support.

Lifting weights for women really is the key to achieving what you want for your body and mind, I’ve made some great friends and achieved more than I ever thought possible! 

So if you’re sat there and thinking I really want to change but don’t know how then get yourselves to transformation HQ, it really has worked for me. Thank you HQ.

This is Kerry now…


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