TransformationHQ Nicola Fletcher Success Story

This was Nicola before she joined Transformation HQ…


And this is her now…


Why did you first join Transformation HQ and has it helped you towards your body shape goals?

I wanted to feel happy about my body and be more confident. Yes it has helped with my body shape goals and I still have a way to go yet but I’m working towards that.

What else have you tried before and did it work?

I’ve tried running, swimming and going to a normal gym over the last 8 years and have always found excuses and got bored and lost motivation very easily.


How has our simple approach to eating healthy helped you?

It has helped a lot, If I stick to it I feel loads better for it but I’m finding my bad habits of snacking on things I shouldn’t getting in the way.

Why is Transformation HQ different?

It is different because I actually enjoy it! I look forward to the classes and feel good for it. I find that I am definitely more motivated with Transformation HQ that I have been before with anything else.


What would you say to those who fear Transformation HQ?

Come along and see what it’s all about. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Do you feel Transformation HQ is a friendly and motivation place to be? Is so why?

Yes definitely a friendly and motivated place to be. Everybody is friendly and welcoming and the work outs are really motivated.

How do you fit Transformation HQ into your busy schedule?

I make time for it. The morning classes work best for me but if I can’t make one then I will make time for a Saturday morning session.


How did you find the 12 week body transformation photo shoot?

I hadn’t long been at HQ when I did the photo shoot so I wasn’t as good as I could of been. I tried to stick to the diet as much as I could and even though I wasn’t 100% strict I did nice a difference in myself and was happy wit the results.

 Would you recommend Transformation HQ to friends and family? Is so why?

 Yes definitely. It really does make a big difference to your life and if you stick to it as best you can you feel and look better than before. If nothing has worked for you in the past then I would recommend giving HQ a go.

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