TransformationHQ Real Studies : Adam Parkinson

When we first got to know Adam it was obvious to us that he knew the drill.

He had trained for years and had achieved many different goals and we gelled instantly, he was very clear in what he wanted from us. He’d achieved goals in strength training and a very low body fat percentage so a lean physique.  Both excellent goals and very applaudable.

What he wanted from us was a body that showed size and shape in his chest, arms shoulders and back along with a lean set of abs. Using our transformation weight training protocols we set his transformation in process.

With all Adams history he responded really well. Regarding training we taught Adam the importance of keeping the tension on the working muscle and not moving the weight as fast or as heavy as he could. Regarding food from a low carbohydrate back ground we doubled his carbohydrate intake over the coming weeks. Adam put in weeks and weeks of hard work, this saw Adams body change dramatically these were the results.

Watch out he will only get better.

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