TransformationHQ Real Studies : Alex Lampard

When we first met Alex it was clear to us that she had the motivation to get in shape but just hadn’t been shown and educated how to shape her body the way she wanted it, also we needed to find a diet to suit her, she tried shake diets and spent hours at the gym doing cardio but still didn’t find the result she wanted.

We set Alex on x3 weight training sessions a week, Alex had always avoided upper body work as she was afraid upper body weights would make her arms bulky. We assured her this wouldn’t happen and as the program progressed she began to believe us.  Alex’s diet was high in protein, fibre and fats, however she responded really well to a lower carb approach so we stuck with it.

The biggest thing we taught Alex was “how to get lean” she has since used this system off her own back for holidays and weddings.  We are currently working on shaping and toning her legs even more and finding a sustainable happy medium within her body and goals.

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