TransformationHQ Real Studies : Charlie Bates

Charlie has made amazing progress. She’s always struggled with a bad back which now is stronger than ever. She is now a size 8 which is a size she has never been in her life.

We set Charlie the right calories to eat and slowly started to increase her training over the program. Why did this program work for Charlie? SHE STUCK TO THE PLAN. No matter what happened her commitment was amazing.

We have a training system that allows members to use the free use area 3 times a week. So when members increase training they use the free use room. When Charlie needed to do her extra session to fit the program, if she didn’t have another day spare she would finish one 45 minute HQ session and go straight¬†downstairs and do her second 45 minute session to make sure she got it in.

Now that’s how you get results! Well done Charlie!

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