TransformationHQ Real Studies : Charlotte Whittle

Charlotte has just done her first ever photo shoot. The results are looking incredible. We have also decided to now plan a 2 year goal. Charlotte is a highly driven working wife and mum of 2 which is why when she’s looked at her pictures (even though the change in 4 month is incredible!) she picked the bits she wants to improve on and set an incredible time frame of 2 years! She visualised the body she wants. Signed up to an 8 week leaner leg program to start gathering data of how she will feel on a different diet approach to work on her weaker areas.

So what’s the biggest take home point here? Patience! She has patience. 4 months she trained for a shoot while building a business and having a family and just like having a family and building a business. “Shit doesn’t just happen overnight”

You have got to be patient. You have got to be honest with yourself. You cannot get everything you want in a short amount of time and you have got to be willing to work hard.

Celebrate when you get to a certain dress size and certain body shape, dont be inpatient and give up. Celebrate the success. Then plan your weaker areas of your body and start to work hard.

It took me 6 years to achieve a body shape I was happy with!

Be patient. Work hard. Explain to those around you that matter that you’re working hard and you’re going to be playing the long game.

Since when did anything worth having come fast?

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