TransformationHQ Real Studies : Dan Robinson

Had a military background and had good experience of getting in shape through lifting weights. However, since moving back to a civilian life the pounds started to creep on.

Dan works shifts and rotates through early, late and night. This causes havoc to the body and usually shift workers often struggle with nutrition and training.

Training at HQ wasn’t an issue as we have a flexible booking system and sessions that start early mornings and late evenings, so Dan would train straight before or after his shift so then could go home to look after his child and sleep.

We decided to track calories from the off with Dan as he could be flexible with food choices when on his shifts. This meant that the odd sandwich could be consumed and it wouldn’t be a problem as Dan was making sure it fitted into his daily calorie allowance. We actually raised calories for a period of 3-4 weeks to get Dan’s metabolism racing, this would also mean we would maintain and possibly gain a bit of muscle. Having more muscle would make it easier to drop fat in the long run as his resting metabolic rate had risen – meaning burning more calories when resting.

To hold on to muscle we slowly brought calories down until the last 4 weeks where we dropped calories a little more aggressively to shift that stubborn fat. Dan is now focusing on increasing strength and muscle, he will then diet down again soon.

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