TransformationHQ Real Studies : Danielle Potter

Danielle’s results have come from a shift in mind-set, with the main view to train to get into shape, rather than to starve your way into shape.

Danielle has an extremely active job and requires her body to walk many miles each day, we also noticed that Danielle was already weight training 6 times a week. So the plan was to have a few weeks backing off, we reduced her train sessions to 4 times a week and nearly doubled Danielle’s calories.

This backing off process allow her body to reset and recover. Her metabolism kick started again and her strength/ fitness improved in Transformation HQ sessions. We slowly added in training sessions and slowly reduced calories to shift that stubborn body fat Danielle was wanting to get rid of.

The whole 12-week process Danielle stayed strong with lots of energy for her physically demanding job.


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