TransformationHQ Real Studies : David Haynes

David’s main aim was to add more muscle to his frame but reduce body fat at the same time. Our plan of attack was to raise calories but all food choices needed to be as healthy & nutritious as possible. We did this for 3-4 weeks whilst lifting heavy weights on his big compound exercises such as bench press, squats, rows.

Then with 6-8 weeks to go we gradually and steadily reduced his calories to strip off body fat. David had a job that requires long hours however still manage to make time for sessions at the end of the day or before his shifts at Transformation HQ early 6am sessions. As he was in a wagon all day David had to prepare his foods for the next day, he did this without fail as he knew it would be the most important aspect in his transformation.

With an old injury to David’s Knees as an additional obstacle, we still managed to train around this injury and still get results, proving injuries and lack of time do not need to be excuses. David’s pictures show that preparing food and a little bit of sacrifice go a long way!

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