TransformationHQ Real Studies : Emma Cundy

Emma came to use with a bit of experience of getting in shape, she had done a competition in physique. We needed to adjust Emma’s mind-set that lifting weights will shift more body fat than long steady state cardio.

Once we had Emma hitting 3 full body weight sessions, Emma saw some good progress with her body shape as body fat started to melt. Results were a lot quicker compared to just using cardio as her main tool to shape her body. This was a bonus for Emma as a single parent meant she didn’t need to train as much, just the 3 Transformation HQ sessions a week.

Our next stage was to RAISE Emma’s calories to nearly double what she had been consuming. This was very alien to Emma however after 12 weeks she had lost 11lbs from eating more foods and had tons more energy!

This really just proves that its not as simple as eating less and exercising more.

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