TransformationHQ Real Studies : Hayley Verney-Agnew

Hayley’s results speak volumes for her commitment as her work can be very demanding on the travel side but she didn’t let it stand in her way.

Hayley’s is also a prime example of what I mean when I say “People who get results with us have always had it in them they just haven’t even been shown the correct way”

What I mean by this is Hayley had always done training and done well with her food but we broke it all down and made it a simple and effective system where she could learn what it actually takes to transform your body totally and the importance of understanding protein fats and carbs.

I want to add this also after a conversation with Hayley it’s not just about achieving your end goal it’s about celebrating how far you have come and that’s what help and inspires other to make change.

So, being able to celebrate it, It’s the key to a long term transformation.

Hayley said “i still have a bit of a tummy but the improvement is amazing’’ and that’s what she’s want to show off.

We need to show how far people have come and it’s real and it helps others make change.

Love this story.  So well done Hayley

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