TransformationHQ Real Studies : Jane Stamford


When we first meet Jane over 2 years ago – we had a very pleasant quiet lady who wanted to shift a few pounds. Jane had a background/history of weight training when younger so had an insight of how quickly lifting can shape a body (even for females!). A huge gap of not exercising had led Jane down the wrong path of not eating great and not exercising at all.

She came to see us as she knew we would create a program that would shape and tone her and we would clean up her diet.

We introduced Jane to small group training that developed into Transformation Session 3 times a week. It was all based on resistant weighted exercises that worked the whole body to shape tone and solve her problem areas.

Her meals were simplified by including protein at every meal and removing as much junk food as possible.

This just goes to show to all the ladies out there no matter what shape, age, lack of training that you do not need to do slow time consuming workouts  to get in shape. That learning workouts that tone and shape your body 3 times a week and eating a diet high in protein, carbohydrates, fats, vegetables and the occasional treat is the most effective way of getting in shape AND more importantly staying in shape!

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