TransformationHQ Real Studies : Jonny Young

Jonny first came to us with the classic dad bod. He had sacrificed his own body shape for his children and busy work life. However he understood that he needed to be fit and healthy to be active with his children and live a healthy, happy life.

The first thing we did was just to tidy up Jonny’s diet and reduce alcohol consumption in the week, this produced good results and Jonny’s weight and body fat levels dropped but we wanted more.

Jonny then went on to our 12-week transformation and learnt about how to eat healthy meals that are filling & give you plenty of energy. He learnt about tracking and recording foods & calories. He learnt about how to efficiently weight train to burn body fat and add muscle.

We have seen a dramatic increase of energy, strength and fitness over the last few months with a body shape that he can be proud of.

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