TransformationHQ Real Studies : Karen Burgess

Karen looks amazing and has done this from exercising less and eating more!

Yes we actually stopped Karen from exercising and reduced her training frequency. Karen enjoyed going for a run and cycle, there is noting wrong with this but because she had been doing it for 30 years plus – it did not have the same fat burning effects as it did when she first started. It also placed a huge amount of stress on the joints which caused niggling pains and it was a huge stress to the body. This made her body very stubborn in burning body fat.

We started by taking out two slow steady state cardio session, Karen was already doing 3 Transformation HQ sessions plus a strength workout. We also RASIED Karen’s calories as they were on the low side. The aim of dropping training frequency and increasing foods was to let her body recover, rest and repair itself. Once we had a good 4-5 weeks of doing this we added slowly a couple more strength sessions and an extra run/cycle. This recovery time and extra strength sessions made her drop body fat and looks very toned.

Karen is much more energetic, leaner and is getting stronger all the time by training less and eating more nutritious foods.

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