TransformationHQ Real Studies : Kris Boch

Kris came to us in need of some direction and clarification. He had weight trained from an early age of 13/14. This was great to hear as I knew we would get a good reaction from his body if he followed what we said to do nutritionally.

Kris had a good amount of muscle on his frame but needed to shift the body fat that was covering it. Kris started his journey at the beginning of the year and we started with 3 full body transformation sessions.

We started by focusing on hitting every muscle group frequently each week to encourage some additional muscle growth but also to get Kris into a calorie deficit through doing lots of volume (reps and sets times weight) in sessions.

We really ramped up Kris’s workouts in the few months leading up to his shoot by adding 2 extra strength sessions just focusing on getting stronger alongside his 3 Transformation HQ sessions.

We started tracking calories 12 weeks before his shoot to make sure we were eating correctly as he had a holiday in Tenerife a few weeks before shoot. His holiday consisted of booze and relaxing on food choices. Yet Kris still took care and made progress even with a week off training and not tracking foods properly.

We kept protein high to maintain muscle, we adjusted his fats and carbohydrates to match his training days and non training days and as you can see, the results were amazing.

We are extremely proud of Kris’s progression in such a short amount of time.

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