TransformationHQ Real Studies : Mike Webster

Mike had come from a fairly active background of exercise and did a lot of kickboxing. This was great for Mike’s agility, flexibility and health. Never the less, he wasn’t happy with his body shape.

We saw room for improvement with his nutrition so put a bit more structure to his day, reducing junk foods/booze and keeping majority of meals in place as he ate a good diet of meat, vegetables and good carbohydrate choices.

With adding in 3 Transformation HQ sessions, mike lost body fat and gained a little bit of muscle. After a few months of training with us he decided to do the shoot as he wanted to improve definition across his upper body and midsection.

Due to mike being over 50, we had to be a bit more strategic so we slowly increased calories and workouts to 5 Transformation HQ strength workouts a week, plus a kick boxing session once a week. Then we gradually brought down calories, Mike never felt hungry even though he had upped training and reduce food intake.

His upper body is now so much more defined and midsection now has definition, I think you would also agree he looks a lot younger.

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