TransformationHQ Real Studies : Nick Heys

I can’t make my chest grow?  When I first met Nick this was one of the questions he asked me, well actually this is one of the questions most lads ask me. 

Here was nick before we started


 Here’s how we achieved Nicks transformation.  Read the story before see the results at the bottom.  When I first meet a client I immediately look for clues that will help me achieve their transformation, body language, eye contact, confidence, current body shape, these are all good indicators of how I set up their starting platform. 

My first impressions of Nick were, motivated, successful & driven.  He knew exactly what he wanted. Time, money and commitment was no object.  He wanted the results he hadn’t achieved before and he explained he knew I was the man to get it for him.  He believed in me instantly.

So now knowing Nick was the type of client I could say jump and he would say how high we started the ball rollingI explained to Nick forget about your chest for now, our first goal is to get as lean as possible.  You see, a leaner body will always build more muscle and if you want your chest to grow we need to lose body fat first.

We started on a low carb approach which seemed to work well and his energy levels were good and typical plain meal plans worked well as he didn’t have to think too much while trying to improve his day to day habit and the stresses of life.

We started with 3x weight training session a week that was enough to get leanOnce lean, Nick then added more frequency to his training adding 3 all body workouts and 2 spilt body workouts to his routine. With less fat it was easier now to teach Nick how to contract his chest and make it grow.

Now his healthy habits were 2nd nature we also started to track calories and Nick could be more flexible with his choices.

We have gained some rapid size over the last few years. 

 Here are Nick’s results

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