TransformationHQ Real Studies : Ren Fearns

Ren was a hard working lady (working on a farm) who had got out of shape due to lack of exercise and wrong food choices. She had tried slimming clubs and had some success. However the weight soon piled back on with sometimes more weight added!

Ren had also tried exercising at home which worked until the enthusiasm ended due to lack of motivation.

Ren understood that she needed some help, she wanted her exercise to be planned and not just thrown together by an exercise instructor. She also needed direction with her nutrition.

We first looked at portion sizes as food choices were generally ok, so made meal sizes smaller but more frequent to stop hunger pangs. Exercise was based around strength and getting stronger which motivated Ren each and every workout.

Having seen the results this yielded, Ren decided to push a little harder and tracked foods to hit calories and macronutrients. These were adjusted depending on how hard she was working on her farm. We also tried to get an extra 4th strength session a week but this wasn’t every week. Ren’s results were based on just three 45 minute sessions a week and eating well balanced, healthy, nutritious filling foods.

Don’t believe us! Hear from Ren herself “I started at HQ when I hit 92kg and my waist was 44 inches (nearly 4ft). At only 5’4″ I was nearly as round as I was tall.  I was struggling to do my job (farming) and was generally unhappy. In 14 months I reduced my weight to 67kg & my waist was 28″. I could walk miles in the job, cart bales of hay all afternoon, and deal with the livestock. Best of all I treated myself to my first pair of Levi’s in above 20 years. I am now 51 years old and feel fitter than most people of a similar age”

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