TransformationHQ Real Studies : Ric Stevenson

Learn the biggest mistake skinner guys miss when trying to add muscle. Rick responded really well to regular training something he had not done before. He attended 3x weight training sessions a week now on top of a very active job. Rick burns a lot of calories with his work on top of a faster metabolism.

Our biggest problem was getting Rick enough decent food in him to support his goals. We started at a higher starting point than we usually do around 3000+ calories a day (most guys don’t eat anywhere near enough food ).

Rick stuck to this and started to add muscle tissue we then gradually brought his calories down. The biggest mistake people make who are naturally skinny is not eating enough to support their day job and then training and then more to support muscle growth.

Many skinny guys copy diet plans set out for people who want to loose body fat this will never work for skinnier guys.  Rick worked really hard and listened to us and here’s the results…

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