TransformationHQ Real Studies : Royce Longden

So, Royce was 8 weeks into his HQ Journey before he signed up for the Chest N Shoulder Project & had already started to feel the benefits of regular weight training. Royce is a builder by trade & was naturally strong from all the physical work; lifting & lumping around, but also struggled with lower back pain & just accepted that.

Royce really focused & put his all into each of his sessions, including additional chest & shoulder work from his amended HQ Sessions. He learned how to execute correct form & recruit & squeeze muscle fibers to get the most from his workout. He stuck to his personalized calorie plan & worked really hard. Royce really enjoyed the environment & style of training & has carried on with the project in the strength Room with his son. Royce’s back pain has dramatically improved since starting his HQ Journey. I’m sure you will agree, Royce’s results speak for themselves…Top Job Royce!

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