TransformationHQ Real Studies : Steve Hackney

Steve was fairly inexperienced when it came to training, in particular weight training. He had also been choosing the wrong types of foods for all meals. Often just grabbing fast foods when at work and meals at home were just quick easy ready made foods to save time due to working long hours.

These types of foods were always being preferred as he had no energy and need quick foods as preparing fresh nutritious meals was the last thing he wanted to do, sound familiar?

What we decided to do was put into place Transformation HQ simple food structure that taught Steve how to plan a breakfast, lunch and evening meals. It wasn’t complicated or time consuming. It focused on trying to nourish the body with good foods to get the body healthy, with single ingredient foods. Combining this with 3-4 tough Transformation HQ sessions, the body naturally wanted to build a bit of muscle and drop fat fast.

As you can see Steve’s body shape has change to make his upper body put on size but the rest of his body has dropped a lot of body fat.

The lesson here is to focus on nourishing the body with good foods, train hard and fat loss looks after itself.

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