TransformationHQ Real Studies : Wayne Bates

After first meeting Wayne in one of my HQ classes it was clear to see that he took his training very seriously and gave 100% in every class he did. He then went on to do the 12 week photo shoot where he yielded great results!

Once the shoot was over Wayne wanted something extra to help keep him on track. He was very pleased with how lean and muscular he had gotten over the previous 12 weeks and wanted to gain some more lean muscle in the upper body region.

This is when he decided to sign up to the chest and shoulders program.¬†Wayne works long hours including night shifts but was still fully committed. By purely isolating Wayne’s chest and shoulders with perfect technique and lowering his weight so that he was able to keep constant tension on his muscle. By doing this for a full hours session per week including his normal HQ sessions he was able to get amazing results which speak for themselves.

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