TransformationHQ Real Studies : Wayne Bates

Wayne has attended gyms for years. The trouble was he never found the right place, he’d go to the gym do a bit of arms some chest etc. No real plan of action which you need if you’re serious about changing your body.

Wayne’s lack of knowledge and action plan led to no real plan with food either again this is essential if you want to make real change. We worked Wayne’s exact calorie intake out, set him 3 then 4 then 5 and eventually a 6 day training plan and as you can see by his results this worked well.

His dedication and commitment to the program is the reason he has achieved such fantastic results which will stay with him forever. Now in his post diet plan he will gain more muscle these next few months from a rebound effect than he ever has done before.   We can’t wait for that.

What does Wayne think about his transformation …

I have always been quite active and cycled or walked to work. I had attended various gym’s in Buxton for 7 years attending regularly with friends and family, although I never felt I was getting anywhere and lacked the knowledge and confidence when lifting weights. I have worked 12 hour continental shifts for the last 8 years and I always blamed this for holding me back with my training. I had always eaten quite healthy Monday to Thursday but then would blow it Friday, Saturday and Sunday eating takeaways and drinking. I started a new job in January 2016 and although still working a continental style shift I could no longer attend the gym with the family and friends I had previously trained with. I soon found myself stuck in a rut and I was putting on weight and not attending the gym very often. It soon got to the stage where I felt terrible and then I remembered seeing a Transformation HQ blog on Facebook, I read the blog and it sounded just like my story. I thought it won’t work for me but I am going to give it a try.


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