TransformationHQ Sophie Hargreaves Success Story

I just want to say a massive thank you to the HQ team. For the first time in a very long time I feel comfortable with myself, I’m healthy and I’m in control of my body which is the main reason why I started. 

I started the gym with my size 12 jeans popping open. Straight away I cut all bad foods out and within two weeks my stomach looked completely different. At first I thought it was all about weight loss, but I soon realised it was about gaining strength and muscle, which in turn can lead to weight gain and I don’t bother weighing myself anymore.

It may sound silly but the main thing I wanted to get out of coming to Transformation HQ is control, control of my own body. Everything over the past few years has been out of my hands and the gym has given me a way to take that control and achieve whatever target I set myself without other factors stopping me from reaching that goal.

Over the years my body has been through a lot. In 2012 I lost my son at 23 weeks and became quite ill after. Within the year after losing him I had 3 operations, infections, 2 early miscarriages and then an over active thyroid which made me loose a lot of weight. All this took its toll on my body and left me extremely weak, to the point of where some days I struggled to even walk up a flight of stairs. Over the next couple of years I managed to gain weight after two pregnancies, but my body never returned to the state of strength that it used to have due to bed rest and not being able to exert myself to avoid complications. 

After having my second daughter I tried running club, but I didn’t find it very enjoyable and it wasn’t very flexible around my lifestyle. Whereas transformation HQ has sessions to suit anyone! I thought at first I wouldn’t enjoy it and I’d feel extremely uncomfortable but everyone is welcoming and wanting to achieve the same thing. I’m now a Mum to two healthy girls and I’d like to thank Transformation HQ for helping me to find that inner and outer strength and also the control over my body that I never thought I’d have! I honestly couldn’t of done it without there support.


sophie-hargreaves-before1 sophie-hargreaves-before


sophie-hargreaves-after4 sophie-hargreaves-after3 sophie-hargreaves-after2 sophie-hargreaves-after1 sophie-hargreaves-after

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