TransformationHQ Ste Web Chest & Shoulders Success Story

The second I heard about the chest & shoulders tailored routines, I knew it was going to be right for me. The upper body tends to be the area of the body most guys (including me) are most conscious about – that doesn’t mean the legs aren’t important though! After hearing Ryan explain the structure and timings of the plan I couldn’t wait to get started.

After the first of eight sessions with Jules I was hooked. The longer, but slower paced sessions really suited me and concentrating on single muscle groups gave that brilliant feeling of fatigue/failure that really makes you feel as if you have done some good. The slower pace also worked very well for me, and working in pairs gives you that extra bit of support and determination to perfect your form and lift well.

After four to five weeks of these sessions coupled with two strength sessions per week (concentrating on back and arms) I started to notice some results. Obviously I wasn’t expecting to double in size over what is, in reality, a fairly short period. One of the main benefits of these sessions is what you can take away from it – the particular exercise, correct form, rep range. This knowledge could then be used in my own strength sessions following the course.

All in all it was a great experience and I will be really looking forward to seeing the progress with a photo. A big thanks to all the trainers for creating the exercise plan including the nutritional information and to Jules especially for the support and guidance throughout. I will definitely be getting on the next course.


ste-webb-before ste-webb-before-1


ste-webb-after ste-webb-after-6 ste-webb-after-5 ste-webb-after-4 ste-webb-after-3 ste-webb-after-2 ste-webb-after-1

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