Transformation HQ Success Story : Vanille Cuvelie


Vanille reshaped her body by reshaping her mind. With Transformation HQ’s guidance, Vanille got into fantastic shape by eating more food and training with weights.

Vanille had exercised before but hadn’t found anything that had worked in the long term. Think about trying to get in shape in January with lots of enthusiasm and not sticking with the new routine.

We wanted to make Vanille aware that she CAN EAT MORE & TRAIN LESS yet see good results. With an initial introduce of weight training and general tiding up of her diet, we saw vanille drop inches and get fitter & stronger in sessions.

Our next steps were to do the Transformation HQ Shoot process. This is a 12-week calorie control program. We work out your perfect calorie intake for your individual body shape, exercise history, current body shape condition & any injuries you may have.

More often than not we increase calories slightly to encourage a fast metabolism and make our members feel satiated, NOBODY needs to feel starving & hungry to be burning body fat. Starving yourself will only result in failure.

Her diet consisted of high protein, moderate carbohydrates and fats which gave her an option to have a wide varied diet which had NO food restrictions. This meant she was more likely to stick the plan & her calories allowance.

We spiked up calories for the first few weeks and gradually brought them down slowly, at the same time we increase training frequency for the last few weeks.

Simple yet effective!

As you can see Vanille was fairly lean to begin with, she did amazingly to get even leaner. You may not be aware but the leaner you are the harder it gets to drop more weight and inches so Vanille can be super proud of her results.

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