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Affordable Personal Training - 6 Week Fat loss Meltdown Transformation With Your Own Personal Trainer for £99

Flexible Dieting

Flexible Meal Planning Achieving Remarkable Fat Loss Results Yet Including Your Favourite Treats

Are you ready to change your body shape?

Hate the reflection that stares back at you from the mirror?

Prepared to achieve long lasting fat loss!

NOW is the time to take action and finally see results, all without giving up your favourite foods and with just 2 ½ hours of exercise each week.

 Our small group sessions are no larger than 6 people at one time. The importance of small groups is that we value you – and getting you results.

 We always ensure our members are progressing towards their desired body shape with sessions that are planned to achieve the very best results for people with busy lives.


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Have you given up trying to get into shape?

Believe nothing will work for you?

Think again!

We have a huge amount of experience training people of different ability levels, body shapes and ages, hear from our members explaining how THQ can help you…..

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You Will Also Receive.....

6 Fat Loss Recipe Books

£60 Value

You know it’s not just about the training and that nutrition impacts how you look. Does that mean you have to eat a boring diet of chicken, rice and veg? No!

The meals provided in the cookbooks are tasty, exciting, high protein meals. SO tasty you won’t even know you are on diet. Meals such as curry’s, pizzas, burgers just to name a few 🤤

THQ Guide

£10 Value

It’s nice to have someone holding your hand and guiding you along the way. And this is what the THQ guide does. Providing you with a helping hand at home at all times.

This guide lays out simple & practical approaches to eat for optimal results….without restricting foods, skipping social events, holidays, or nights out with friends. With additional information on tracking calories, training in the gym and what a THQ transformation journey looks like.

Weekly Check In

£20 per week value

Need that extra accountability?

When joining THQ’s 6 Week Meltdown, you will be assigned you very own personal trainer who will check in on you each week. You will also get to ask them as many questions as you want via our app…

THQ Protocol

£20 Value

This report is extremely unique. Fill in our THQ protocol questionnaire upon starting, this provides your trainer all the information needed to maximise your results.

You’ll be supplied back with a PDF report detailing four main tasks you need to work on to hit your goal faster.

AS SEEN IN......

Frequently asked questions

At THQ, you only need to dedicated three 45 minutes sessions a week. We have sessions that run from 6am throughout the day and the last one of the day starts at 7.45pm

We have our own booking app, that is quick & simple to use.

You can swap and change as many times as you want, we even have a waiting list option for sessions you want to get on.

No problem, most session have a member who has an injury, your trainer will adjust the exercises to your needs and ability.

No, it’s extremely hard to build muscle. THQ sessions are designed to make you stronger and fitter, but at the same time, burn body fat. Giving you the toned and defined look.

Not at all…if you hate cardio – don’t do it. But if you like the odd bike, swim, jog feel free to included alongside your THQ sessions.

Transformation sessions are no bigger than 6 people at one time. This allows us to train all types of ability levels with ease.

No, our 6-week meal planner gives you the instructions on how to eat for your goal, we also supply you with 3 fat loss recipe books to make nutrition tasty and fun.

No, carbs are delicious and important to fuel your session, you will be eating plenty of carbs but losing the pounds.

Cool, no issues, we have a vegan cookbook and alternatives on the meal planner to help you achieve your goal without meat, fish, eggs, or dairy.

Yeah sure, we have alternatives to all types of food. Stay in touch with your assigned trainer in our keystone app and they will give you plenty of other choices.

You don’t have to meal prep if you don’t want to, we will give you other ways that suit your life.

It all depends on how well you stick to the training and nutritional advice we give you. On average, members (on the 6-week meltdown) lose a stone off the scale and 3-4 inches off the waist.

No, we respect your privacy, all we ask you to do is upload a progress pic in your keystone coaching app, only your trainer can access it.

Of course, and most do! Who wants to give up on all of their hard work? We have a rolling monthly contract option after the 6 weeks of £109 a month, no exit or cancellation fees but EVEN BETTER RESULTS.

There is a £21 joining fee for anyone joining for the first time. This is to make you a profile on our booking system, allows access to the online coaching portal and a 1:1 full assessment from a trainer. Plus a physical copy of the THQ transformation guide.

There are no cancellation or exit fees.

6 Week Meltdown Intakes Start On The First Monday Of The Month

Before you can start, you must book into a no commitment consultation to get you ready

Requests for September Intake End 4th Sept 2022


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