Transformation HQ Success Story : Rick Kerr


Rick swapped his “dad bod” for a stronger, fitter leaner body!

This fantastic transformation was achieved in just 7 weeks.

Being a busy business man rick focused more on work & family priorities and forgot to prioritise his own body shape. This left him unimpressed with how his body was changing the complete opposite way he wanted or how it should be looking.

It took rick just 7 weeks to burn a load of body fat and pack on a few pounds of muscle. This was achieved by completing the Transformation HQ Shoot. Normally a 12-week process but due to other commitments we had to cut the shoot short, this really is a credit to how hard Rick worked.

We attained this transformation through consistency with diet and turning up to sessions, we also kept nutrition simple, healthy and realistic.

He is a busy business owner who dedicated just four to five 45 minute workouts a week, proving that you don’t need to dedicate that much time to a transformation.

All work outs were focusing on getting stronger and fitter through lifting weights with high intensity.

We gave rick calories to hit and taught him how to apply that to meals and what type of meals & snacks to prepare as he was on the road for the majority of the day.

Don’t let time, shifts or being on the road an excuse as Rick has proved what can be done in such a short amount of time.

Rick now is improving his body shape further by aim to build muscle to his upper torso and arms so keep an eye out on for even improved results!

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