TransformationHQ Real Studies : Kim Verhiest

Kim had a clear idea when she first came to see us. She wasn’t happy with how she looked and wanted to drop a few jean/dress sizes.

She achieved this quite quickly after joining Transformation HQ though attending 3 transformation HQ sessions a week consistently, and reducing junk food from diet. Kim then decided she wanted to improve even further and do a shoot.

12 weeks of eliminating as much junk food and booze as possible, and eating 3 clean, healthy meals a day consistently, as she was under eating at first. This is common as most females feel they need to starve themselves and exercise more to burn body fat. So eating more food and training strategically has totally transformed Kim to when we first met her.

Her body shape has improved dramatically through increasing muscle and dropping a lot of fat, she is so much stronger and fitter yet wearing smaller sized clothes.

This really does prove consistency is the key to getting the body shape of your dreams.

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