TransformationHQ Real Studies : Samantha Garlick

Samantha joined HQ after seeing the results first hand, every day people where achieving. She had been a member of several gyms in the past, but wasn’t getting anywhere. She was fed up of slogging away on the treadmill, not enjoying the experience & not achieving what she wanted.

The key for Samantha was to consistently attend 3 HQ sessions per week & to cut junk from her diet. Even after a few weeks she started to feel better, started to enjoy working out & could see progress.

This in turn inspired her to sign up to the 12-week body transformation project. We set her a personalised calorie plan & asked her to continue with her 3 HQ sessions per week.

As a result Samantha’s body shape has really improved, she has managed to drop 2 dress sizes & now feels happy with her body.

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