THQ Diploma In Personal Training

Now YOU can be a personal trainer without ever having to set foot in a classroom!

Learn all the secrets and tricks of the trade of a personal trainer with THQ’s expertise and knowledge. In just 22 weeks you'll be a fully qualified personal trainer accredited by Active IQ.

Transformation HQ’s personal trainer qualification covers the complete fundamentals of the industry, as well as more advanced elements designed to help fitness and PT professionals succeed in a competitive industry.

Not only that, you'll be guaranteed an interview for a Personal Trainer vacancy at a THQ close to where you live. Most training companies promise this with no real jobs at the end, THQ group is a fast-growing franchise with new locations opening up each year.

This means the group has a constant demand for new, fresh & hungry trainers wanting to make a breakthrough in the health & fitness industry.

Are you someone who is interested in the health & fitness industry?

This Course Is For You If

  • Want to study from home
  • Prefer to learn at a steady pace
  • Are interested in how the body functions
  • Prefer support via direct messaging/email/telephone/zoom
  • Have a passion to teach others to get into shape, be fit & active
  • Want all the knowledge a personal trainer has to stay fit, active & lean yourself
  • Want to work in a fun, active, vibrant & fast-growing industry
  • Desire to have a job that gives you MASSIVE job satisfaction
  • Would like to become an expert/ person of authority
  • Need more Independence, Freedom & Growth
  • Love to lift your potential earnings ceiling
  • Build a career that suits your lifestyle

If that’s not convinced you we don’t know what will.

Let us introduce you to…..

The Transformation HQ Diploma In Personal Training

How does it work?

The diploma is broken down into two parts.

Level 2 Gym Instructor (8 weeks) and Level 3 Personal Trainer (14 weeks).

  • Level 2 Gym Instructor….5 units in total
  • Principles of anatomy, physiology and fitness
  • Professionalism and customer care for fitness instructors
  • Health and safety in the fitness environment
  • Conducting client consultations to support positive behaviour change
  • Planning and instructing gym-based exercise
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer…6 Units in total
  • Applied anatomy and physiology for exercise, health and fitness
  • The principles of nutrition and their application to exercise and health
  • Understanding lifestyle, health, well-being and common medical conditions
  • Encouraging positive health and fitness behaviours in clients
  • Programme design and delivery for personal training 
  • Professionalism and business acumen for personal trainers
  • THQ Business Modules – Webinar

You are taught content through an interactive portal which you’ll do at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

There is a weekly live 2-hour webinar that is held in the evening for you to attend.

All assignments and worksheets are completed via an editable electronic portfolio that is electronically sent to your tutor and assessor.

Your gym sessions are self-filmed and submitted easily to your assessor ready for marking.

Meaning you can do it all from the comfort of your home and at a gym that is local to you and that you are familiar with.

Is it a recognized qualification?

Yes, we are accredited by Active IQ. An educational provider that has as high standards as you would expect of Transformation HQ. In fact, we spent much time researching other providers and couldn’t find a more highly recommended education provider to team up with, which meant standards have to be kept high. Active IQ is a leading Ofqual-recognised awarding body for health & fitness that provided flexible and accessible learning. It must be noted that no prior qualifications are needed to start the diploma.

With the THQ diploma in personal training, you will…

  • Learn how to apply both basic and advanced nutrition plans in accordance with fitness objectives
  • You will become fluent in the latest and most advanced training method
  • Receive training on how to write a gym program to help people build muscle, burn body fat, become fitter & stronger
  • Be taught how to adapt exercises where needed to accommodate your clients
  • Shown how to succeed as a personal trainer in a competitive environment
  • Get the Transformation HQ blueprint of how to run, and own a successful gym
  • Be allowed flexibility to complete assignments and tasks at your pace
  • Receive weekly learning and assignments
  • Do it all in small bite-size tasks
  • Tutor on a one-to-one basis with a real human
  • Learn in small groups of learners so you aren’t left out in the cold
  • Get easy access to tutors/assessors
  • Film and submit video observations without live assessor pressure
  • Be able to resubmit as many times as you need allowing for errors without the feeling of failure

Get immediate access for £1899 up front saving £75 or you can pay in monthly instalments of £329 for 6 months (£1974 in total)

About US

I guess you’re wondering what makes us qualified to talk about a diploma in Personal Training.

Well, the first thing you should know about us is that we are personal trainers with a lot of skin in the game.

Between us, we have over 22 years in the industry, trained hundreds 1:1 clients, thousands of small group personal training sessions, many large superclasses, hundreds of online clients from around the globe, had 20 personal trainers learn and work for us, have 6 personal training locations with the view for many more.

So, we would say you’ve got someone who is in the health & fitness trenches to learn from.

We know what you’re thinking.

This is just another personal trainer course that promises so much and delivers nothing.

We completely understand. 

And we know you’ve probably looked at other providers. So to ease your mind, here’s how people just like you have fared with the THQ Diploma in Personal Training

The full value of what we are offering is £1899 up front saving £75 or you can pay in monthly instalments of £329 for 6 months (£1974 in total)

That’s less than you’d spend per week on a meal out.

Can you imagine having all a personal trainer’s knowledge for that value?

Can you really afford to miss out on having a quality personal trainer diploma with an offer like this?

You’ve got two options –

Option 1 is to close this page, feel frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this offer when it was available the first time, and then be back here in 6 months’ time enrolling on our next intake.

Option 2 is the smart move.

You decide that enough is enough and that you finally want a guaranteed way to be a personal trainer in the fastest and most effective way possible, and so invest in your future, health, happiness and security.

That choice is yours

This course starts: 4th July and will be completed by 5th December


And has LIMITED SPACES…1st Come…1st Serve

As a final reminder, here’s what you get and learn with the THQ Diploma in Personal Training.

  • A deep understanding of human fitness, anatomy, nutrition and know how to motivate people. 
  • You will learn all of the different systems, including the circulatory, endocrine, skeletal, respiratory and energy systems.
  • The key principles of writing a comprehensive physical activity programme, the importance of healthy eating within this, and how to cater these ideas to include all populations.
  • How to be able to programme and write long-term plans for your clients
  • How to apply both basic and advanced nutrition plans in accordance to fitness objectives
  • You will become fluent in the latest and most advanced training methods
  • Taught how to adapt exercises where needed to accommodate for your clients
  • How to succeed as a personal trainer in a competitive environment
  • The Transformation HQ blueprint of how to run, and own a successful gym

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Still on the fence?

How about this.

THQ Diploma in Personal Training has a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

In the incredibly unlikely situation that after 30 days you’re not completely happy, we will refund every penny you pay.

Got questions?

That’s normal. Actually, that’s GREAT – it shows you truly care about your results.

If you’re wondering about anything, ask in our find our more box below

We forgot to say – this offer won’t last long.

There are only 8 more available spaces in this cohort of learners, the next intake is in January 2023.

If you want to take advantage NOW, you need to act.

One final thing. Let us ask you this:

What would it feel like to be a qualified and confident fitness professional?

And how would it feel to do that in just 6 months and without the faff of having to go back to night college or enter an intimidating gym environment full of young buff men and women?

Like the sound of that?

Then you know what to do.

Contact Us, We will assist you

Level 2 & 3 Diploma In Gym Instructing & Personal Training

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