Start Up Shoot Module

Lets Get Started

Welcome to the 12 week shoot. This is the program that will change your life.

People say they don’t want to do the shoot as they dont want a photo. It’s not about the photo shoot and being vain – it’s about keep you ACCOUNTABLE to the plan, it cannot be cheated.

The shoot gives you all the knowledge and skills needed to attain a body shape you thought wasn’t possible. The 12 week shoot gives you the ability to MAINTAIN your “after” body shape by teaching you how to eat and train effectively but more importantly – whilst living a normal life.

There is NO SECRET to it all, other than how much effort and dedication you put into it. Then staying consistent all the way through.

People dip their toes into the program half-hearted and get half-hearted results. Meaning on your shoot day, you will feel like you didn’t do everything possible.

Imagine on your shoot day, being proud you did everything you could to get as lean as possible. That feeling of being proud of your new body shape and the confidence & happiness that will bring to your life.

Use that as your motivation through the 12 weeks!

From experience, we find that people who attend the start up meeting get better results. We believe this is down to it being the first physiological test. The first time that you have to dedicate an hour to prove to yourself that you are “all in”.

We get that some of you can’t make the meeting due to prior commitments so please find attached overview video and presentation slides.

Your head coach will hold a start-up and half way meeting (week 6), these can be found on the THQ calendar.

When you are ready to go “all in” on your 12 week transformation – fill in the box below and send your details to your head coach. We need your weight on the day of the shoot start up meeting, and daily activity level.

We will send back your bespoke daily calories and macronutrients. You will need to track and enter these on Myfitnesspal (a free app). Enter the figures in settings “goals” “calorie, Carbs, Protein & Fats Goals”. Never track calories or used myfitnesspal before? Watch the demo video attached at the bottom of the page.

Stick to these figures as close as you can, don’t go over and don’t go under. We have worked them out to burn maximum body fat but keep you feeling satiated and energised. We will be lowering calories as the weeks progress so use them whilst you have them.

We will unlock modules each week with tasks for you to complete that will ensure you achieve a fantastic photo. A password is email out to unlock the module.

Our aim is to guide you along the way, so every THURSDAY at 6pm, your head coach will hold a Facebook LIVE. They will add you into a small Facebook group with members just from your THQ location. In the live, you can ask us whatever questions you want and the head coach will have your weekly topics to discuss. These live Q&A’s have help previous shoot members achieve results that they thought weren’t even possible so do not miss this crucial tool each week.

Let’s get our heads down, work hard, be disciplined and organised. You really will be amazed what you can achieve in the next 12 weeks.

See you on module 1.

THQ Group

Carl & Ryan

Activity Level Guide

Very Active = Manual Worker (e.g brick layer) plus 3-5 gym sessions a week

Active = Manual Work (e.g plumber) plus 3-4 gym sessions a week

Light Activity = Job on feet (e.g teacher) all day plus 2-3 gym sessions

Sedentary = Office job & 2-3 gym session a week