Transformation HQ Success Story : Sam Sweetmore

HQ Before & After 1000 Sam Sweetmore

Sam had an impressive body shape prior to starting the Transformation HQ Shoot. However, he wanted to improve on definition and toning to revel the muscles underneath.

From Transformation HQ’s point of view, we needed Sam to keep lifting heavy whilst staying in a caloric deficit (burning more than he was consuming). This would encourage the body to keep hold of (and build additional) muscle whilst the body taps into body fat every day for 12 weeks.

Sam followed the Transformation HQ shoot nutrition plan, the plan encouraged Sam to eat regular healthy meals based around protein to hold and build extra muscle. The healthy meal plan kept Sam in a caloric deficit, this meant he was melting fat off his body.

To begin with we started with 3 full body Transformation Sessions. The next steps were to introduce additional strength sessions working on upper body shape. We made Sam train with progressive overload. This means Sam had to increase his weights, reps or both each and every session on big lifts such as bench press, rows, dips, pull ups. Progressive overload is also a great way to keep motivated when going through a “shredding” phase, as at times it be very challenging.

As you can see Sam’s physique stayed impressive and powerful, but looks a lot more athletic and leaner now we reduced body fat.

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