THQ Success Story : Barney Cunningham

Barney Takes Back Control After Dropping 63LBS!


Barney was overweight and was always feeling drained, lethargic and fatigued before he started at Transformation HQ.

He wasn’t happy with the way his body shape was going either and he wanted to change.

Barney acted after being inspired by the results THQ were putting out on social media.

So, in March 2019, he took the big step of popping in for a chat and decided it was worth a go – he had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

He wasn’t sure if it would work for him as he had tried the gym in the past and it never seem to get him anywhere!

Don’t even go there with diets – he tried them all.

He found that life on the road and having a demanding job was making him feel and look like this, and nearly settled as this was how he was meant to be.

Yet from sitting down with the head coach at THQ Whaley Bridge, Barney like the simplicity of the THQ meal planner that was supplied upon joining, thinking that it was quite easy to stick to.

There was no banning of foods, 3 meals a day and snacks allow.

The training sessions looked varied, structured & exciting and he could see that we were coaching current members on their form.

He knew that sessions would be safe but highly effective with a trainer with him the whole time.

6 weeks passed and he was flying, the inches and pound were dropping off. And at the same time, feeling a lot more positive and mentally alert.

He loved the training and the community spirt that that all members are working towards a goal, and they are all doing it together.

His next steps were to enrol onto the next available 12 weeks shoot, as he knew the extra accountability of having his photo taken at the end would be the extra boost needed to really shift the pounds off.

He continued to focus on getting stronger & fitter in sessions and the by-product was a totally transformed body – and a happier, more vibrant & energetic Barney!

What would you say to anyone thinking about starting at THQ?

If you want to learn about your body, nutrition, get expert coaching, feel part of a wider community then do it – you will never look back!

If you’ve been thinking about coming in and finding out more about THQ – take the big jump like barney did and let us show you how we can help, enquire below.

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