THQ Success Story: Becky Goldstraw


Becky had spent years battling with her body shape.

It was almost as if it just crept up on her very quickly and was now stuck with it.

She was desperate to lose the inches and pounds, but really struggled to understand how to do it.

Was it going low carb?

More exercise?

Extra cardio?

She had tried all the diets but they never seem to achieve anything?

This was a very frustrating process for Becky and decided she needed some professional advice.

She had seen THQ and how our ethos was about weight lifting and eating healthy.

It looked to be achieving great results for other members, so she went for it as she had nothing to lose trying something new.

She needn’t have worried as she saw results very quickly.

Becky started on the 6 week meltdown.

This was training 3 times a week for 45 minutes, following a full body strength plan, whilst having a trainer with her at all times.

She also followed the THQ Meal Planner which simplified nutrition.

To support the meal plan, Becky was given 2 cookbooks to make tasty and exciting meals – meaning she never felt like she was on a diet.

Loving the results…she enrolled on the 12 week shoot for a little bit more accountability.

Nothing like having your photo taken to make you stick to a plan!

On the shoot, Becky still did the same full body strength training sessions as the 6 week meltdown (3-5 times a week), but tracked calories for the 12 weeks (explained how to do by her trainer).

Becky lost

  •  6 inches off the waist
  • 11 inches from the hips
  • 4 ½ Inches from the thighs
  • 2 Inches from the arms

Becky blew us away as she did all of this in just over 4 months!

Leaving Becky feel strong, fit, slim and much more confident in her better looking body shape.


Need fast results like Becky accomplished? Imagine getting these results all without having to give up your favourites foods or doing endless hours of boring cardio!

Act fast and enquire about a January start before they all go!


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