THQ Success Story : Lesley Kirkham

Lesley dropped an incredible 53lbs to feel energised again


Lesley is a busy mum and has always put her family first.

She has been that pre-occupied, that she had all but given up on her health, fitness and body shape.

Believing that it was too late to get in great shape and that she had to settle with how she was. This wasn’t feeling great about her body shape and leaving her with no energy.

She’d tried all the diets and exercise classes in the past, yet nothing ever seemed to work.

So, she assumed that was how it was meant to be – be out of shape and miserable for the rest of her life.

Fortunately, Lesley gave it one more roll of the dice and started at THQ – the results were life changing.

For the first time ever, she started lifting weights properly in the gym.

Whilst at the same time, followed the THQ Meal planner and cookbooks, which were tasty, low calorie and high protein meals.

The results were fast and noticeable.

She felt energised, stronger, fitter and more confident now her body shape was changing for the good.

This motivated Lesley to start the 12 week shoot.

We still weight trained 3 times a week but tracked calories for a little more accountability.

That’s is!

The results were gob smacking, check them out:

1st July 2019

12 stone 12 pounds

23 November 2019

9 stone 1 pound

21 Weeks Later

53lbs Loss

Chest 44” Chest 36” 8” Loss
Waist 38” Waist 33” 5” Loss
Hips 42” Hips 36” 6” Loss

“I still can’t believe how much weight and inches I have lost” Lesley

Lesley now has the long-term habits in place where she will easily maintain this new body shape. She also now has the strength and fitness in place to stay energised to continue doing what she has been doing in the gym.

What Lesley achieved in just under 5 months is incredible. Its not a one off, if you follow the plan at THQ you will achieve results.

Take the last roll of the dice like Lesley did and see where you can be in 5 months time! Enquire below for more information;

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