THQ Success Story : Maxine Richardson

Maxine Started Strength Training to Get Lean, Toned & Defined.


Maxine saw the results that THQ were putting out on social media and she wanted the same.

Maxine wasn’t out of shape as such, but she still wanted to achieve the toned athletic look.

She had tried all the diets and healthy eating plans.

She also did a lot of spin and exercises classes.

But her body shape never seemed to change?

Tired and fed up she nearly gave up hope, but she still had this desire to feel strong, and wanted to be confident about her body shape.

After all the effort she was putting in with diet and exercising – she thought she finally deserved results.

Her aim was to lose weight but not body shape, we explained to Maxine that this can be done.

With the correct strength training plan, a diet high in protein, that it would be an easily achievable target.

She got to work and was consistent with her diet and training.

We educated Maxine that it wasn’t all about eating less and exercising more…

…but about lifting heavy weights 3 times a week and eating more food!

This sounded crazy but once she stuck to the plan – she could not believe how the weight/ body fat was dropping off, and she was finally starting to get the slim and toned body shape she wanted.

Yet, at the same time as dropping weight, she started to feel more energetic, positive and her strength and fitness levels went through the roof.

Maxine now has a new positive mindset that she can in fact – get in great shape! And it’s not just for other people.

She now has the knowledge to stay in her current condition with not much effort at all.

She believes she is now in the best body shape she has been in ages!

Don’t waste any more time on spin and exercises classes – start to strength train to finally see results!

Enquire below to find out how we can get you results….

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