THQ Success Story : Ollie Pugh

Now this is one inspiring story that may help you achieve your goal.

If you ever think you have the world against you, or you tell yourself that you can’t get in shape as your life is too busy or tough.

Ollie proves that if you WANT to get in great shape – you WILL achieve it.

Ollie Pugh

When Ollie was younger, he lived a very active life. He like to be moving a lot and his hobbies were playing rugby, martial arts and boxing. He also had a manual job and this kept him in good shape.

Then suddenly, life took a big turn and out of nowhere, Ollie developed a spinal cord tumour which resulted in 3 spinal operations, which then lead to heart complications, meningitis and a degenerative bone disorder.

And you think you have everything going against you! He even made the papers as the world’s unluckiest man. Read More Here

Clearly, Ollie was not moving around as much and the weight soon begin to pile on. This extra weight and lack of exercise meant that Ollie’s self-esteem, confidence and energy took a beating. He was now feeling more anxious and had started to become depressed.

As a parent of two young children, he had to be a role model and act as if all was ok but he knew he had to make a change. To prove to his children that he was a fit and an active man that would take care of them.

He started to follow the diets that float around on social media and in magazines but they would always end in failure, plus a few extra pounds added to his start weight.

His will power wasn’t the best with nutrition, plus he didn’t know how to “exercise” the weight off with his condition and his consultant was applying pressure for him to change and lose the weight. Fortunately, the consultant told him to see a personal trainer or a small group training environment where his training would be controlled and adapted to his needs.

He had a quick scan on Facebook and saw Transformation HQ and recognised the name from the results we had put on FB before. He watched our video (watch below) and liked the look of how detailed we were with our training sessions.

At this point, Ollie was 18 stone and had a BMI over 30 and he knew he had to act. He booked into a no commitment consultations with Carl at Buxton THQ as he had nothing to lose. Straight away, Carl explained how we would adapt the exercises to his needs with no drama what so ever. He explained that most members in the session needed adjustments due to injuries and ability levels so his modifications wouldn’t be abnormal.

He had never lifted weights or strength trained before but Carl explained that the majority of members who start the 6 week meltdown have never weight or strength trained before either. This was the job of THQ to teach you the basics and getting you moving effectively whilst teaching you great form during training sessions.

We also explained to Ollie that his nutrition will also be taken care of by ourselves, we gave Ollie a simple meal planner, cookbooks and told him NOT to ban foods (we like our treats at THQ).

This sounded too good to be true, but he went ahead and joined anyway as it was all new and sounded exciting – and if it doesn’t work he would end it after the 6 week meltdown had finished.

Ollie didn’t end it as he saw amazing inch & pounds lose over the 6 weeks, he was feeling fitter & stronger, but more importantly he was feeling confident and self-assured about himself again. He loved the feeling of exercising again and the positive energy it gave him.

He wanted to learn more about his nutrition so started to track calories and macronutrients. The trainers at THQ explained & demonstrated how easy it is, and how it fits into a normal life. Tracking calories took no longer than 10 minutes each day and it was well worth the effort, as he saw even better results but managed to include a few of his favourite foods.

He then took the next big steps and enrolled onto the next accessible shoot (this is included in membership). He still trained the same way as he had been doing previously, he tracked calories and macronutrients which he was now comfortable with, but on the shoot – he stuck to a food list we provided of clean, nutritious & satisfying foods.

From January 2019 to November 2019 Ollie lost 8 STONE! This was an incredible achievement and he looks a new, younger, fitter and stronger Ollie.

We were so impressed by his results, he won our £1000 cash prize for the best transformation across all THQ’s in 2019.


Has Ollie inspired you to make a start…..enquire below about our next available intake.

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