THQ Success Story : Steph Vaughan

Steph got the toned and defined look….


…all without having to give up her favourite foods & only train 3-4 times a week.

Steph did extremely well before starting at THQ and lost quite a bit of weight (1 stone).

Yet, she still didn’t have the body shape she wanted and she seemed to be miles off from achieving it.

She was aware she couldn’t keep “dieting and exercising” the weight off as results had come to a bit of a standstill.

She knew she had to try something a bit different.

This is when she stumbled across THQ.

She saw that we weight trained our members and encouraged a healthy eating plan that didn’t ban foods.

The results she saw us put out on social media made her re-believe that she can achieve the toned and defined body shape look – she just needed to weight train.

Steph started on the 6 week meltdown where we worked on improving her nutritional habits and weight trained 3 times a week for 45 minutes.

She loved how it shaped the body but didn’t make her put on any weight.

She also loved how energised, fit and strong Transformation sessions were making her feel.

Steph knew this type of training was for her and started the 12 week shoot.

This was to give her a little more accountability and achieve results a little faster.

She continued training and eating this same way as the 6 week meltdown, the only difference on the shoot was that we tracked calories, and added one or two extra strength sessions in a week when it was possible.

In fact, Steph fell ill 3 times during the 12 week shoot and sometimes only made 3 or 4 training sessions a week, when we were asking her to do 5 or 6. Not letting illness get in the way of her goal.

This demonstrates how disciplined she was with her nutrition, and when she was training at THQ – she trained with enough intensity to see decent results.

Most women believe weights make them bulky – yet Steph proves this wrong as she lost weight (22lbs) & inches (7 inches), AND had the toned & defined look every lady desires.

She now knows that the secret to having the perfect body is to train with weights, and she only had to do it with 3-4 sessions a week!

We know for certain that Steph will maintain this brilliant body shape whilst getting even fitter and stronger.

Have you been thinking about trying weight training to shape your body to look like Steph’s?

Don’t sit on the fence and let us show you how we can get you there – enquire below;

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