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Training/personal training for me is the most rewarding job, helping people in their lives both physically and mentally as a coach as well as just a trainer. In life everyone goes through some good and bad times and is dealing with their own issues, in these times I believe that everyone needs something positive to focus on that can help them release any anger/tension that they may have building up or simply just to give them a good structure and routine to their day that can help them feel better and more positive about themselves which will have a knock on effect in other aspects in their life and believe training is great for that.


  • Set yourself achievable goals that are personal to you, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing and what their goals are, keep focused on your own progression.
  • Always remember why you started training and how far you’ve come from that first day. If you have a bad day, don’t dwell on it, put it behind you and keep moving forward.
  • When you are having a session make sure for that 45mins-hour session in your day that you are giving it your all and to keep the intensity high at all times, don’t let yourself become comfortable, this will keep you constantly on track and moving forward to achieving your goals.

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Will Richards

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