Transformation HQ Success Story : Callum Davidson


Callum had taken his eye of the ball and had become a little comfortable in life.

One too many nights out, meals and treats had started to make the scales creep up. He also wasn’t training enough in the gym and his tone & definition started to disappear.

He hit the critical point and wanted to change so came to THQ for guidance, accountability and motivation.

Callum proves what can be done in a short amount of time. He started on the successful 6 week meltdown and improved even further by carrying on with the 12 week shoot.

Although it must be said, getting in incredible shape does require effort and time!

Some people confuse the length of time it takes to get in top shape.

Most believe it takes less time that what it actually needs to.

Callum was the except to the rule, not because he is younger, but because he went all in on his transformation!

He asked plenty of questions and wanted to know why he was doing certain things we recommended.

He trained hard when in the gym – CONSISTENTLY.

He stuck to the THQ Meal planner on the 6 week meltdown or nailed his calorie targets on the 12 week shoot.

As a busy worker that has a manual job, it was a huge demand on Callum to get in top shape for his shoot photo. Yet, Callum refused to let his busy work schedule be an excuse.

He got up an hour earlier each day and made his Transformation Sessions at THQ, and if days he slept in or didn’t want to get up – he MADE SURE he went after work, even though he was tired and exhausted.

He always made sure that foods/meals were prepared to take to work and be ready for when he gets back home.

He shows that when you are prepared and ditch all the excuses – you can achieve an amazing transformation when you truly want to change.

His washboard abs and defined body shape is the inspiration to anyone reading this, that you too can achieve a top physique in a short about of time (3-4 months) if you put your heart and soul into it.

Has your body shape been looking softer recently? Scales keep creeping up? Then take action like Callum did and enquire for more information below…..

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