Transformation HQ Success Story : Charlie Bates


How sustainable are results at transformation HQ?

It’s easier to get people to lose body fat, build a little muscle and feel good for the first time.

The tricky part of a transformation is sustaining that body shape.

It’s very tempting to go on a blow out after a transformation as you’ve worked so hard for that body shape with dieting & training.

Charlie has proven that it’s possible to maintain a good body shape after a transformation, she has then demonstrated you can improve it even further!

It’s been over a year since Charlie did her first 12 week shoot and she was still strong, fit and slim.

Her first shoot had installed good eating and training habits which sustained her body shape for the following year, yet still allowed for a few treats each week.

However, she wanted to do the shoot again to give herself a little more focus and drop more body fat, whilst getting even stronger & fitter.

As you can see she looks amazing!

As with all members at THQ, we encourage eating healthier volumizing foods. This gives the effect that the body is eating more but it’s really consuming less calories.

With regular meals of lean protein, vegetables and carbs (based on activity level), Charlie’s strength rocketed.

She is now lifting weights that she thought would never be possible WHILST dropping body fat, again dispelling the myth that weights make you bulky.

As we started Charlie on higher calories at the beginning of her transformation, she finished her shoot photo on a decent number of calories.

This means she can continue day to day life of eating a good amount of foods. All without the urge to binge as she hasn’t gone too low with calories and done excessive slow steady state cardio.

We fully expect Charlie to maintain her body shape eating 3 or 4 meals a day – plus snacks & room for the occasional treat!. All with just 4-5 weight training sessions a week.

This isn’t a huge a demand as she is not overtraining, undereating and can include indulgences – this is Charlie’s secret to maintaining a brilliant body shape.

THQ knows that Charlie will keep focussed on staying fit, strong and healthy with ease.

Need to learn how to maintain a transformation? – join our ever growing waiting list so you don’t miss your chance!

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