Transformation HQ Success Story : Tom Burgess

Tom Gets 6-Pack In 12 Weeks


Tom proves that if you are dedicated and committed for 12 CONSISTENT weeks – you really can achieve an incredible transformation in a short amount of time.

Tom was a very active lad and was biking, on the slopes, in the gym and had a manual job, yet still struggled to get that 6-pack definition.

Tom did nothing differently to anyone else who completes our shoot, however the levels of commitment, hard work & sticking to the plan paid off.

We encouraged a little more eating at the beginning of the shoot to hold & possibly build muscle.

As the weeks passed we slowly reduced calories and increased weight training sessions.

He followed an individualised calorie-controlled diet that for the majority of his shoot, kept him full, satiated and strong for sessions.

Tom’s strength and fitness hugely improved on the shoot & he was looking leaner & more athletic as each week passed.

A huge win for Tom was the elimination of alcohol and junk food from his diet.

At THQ we don’t ban junk foods or alcohol – we included them in the diet but as a treat. Tom chose to completely eliminate both and he saw much better results from doing so.

To do this for 12 weeks shows how committed he was and proves that he really wanted that body shape.

Tom’s results demonstrate that if you stick to the Transformation HQ blue print and add a little hard work from yourself – you can finally achieve the body shape you’ve always wanted.

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