Transformation HQ Success Story : Neil Bolton

Neil Shifted 3 Stone & 7LBs To Achieve a Better Looking Body Shape


Neil came to THQ for a bit of motivation and encouragement, he admitted that he was carrying around a bit too much body fat due to not exercising and having a poor diet.

He thought he wouldn’t really change that much, but gave it a go anyway.

He started at THQ to improve his health & fitness, plus to make a few inches and pounds disappear.

He began his journey on our starter 6 week meltdown program, which on average, shifts a stone off the scales and 4 inches from the waist!

Neil really enjoyed the 6 week meltdown as he dropped a lot of body fat (1 stone weight loss) and felt fit, strong & healthy.

After the 6 weeks, we saw Neil’s mindset transform from, I won’t change that much – to I want to see what’s possible. He stuck to the plan and lost a further 1 stone and 3lbs.

He then enrolled on the next available 12 week shoot program, (the shoot program is included in monthly THQ membership). His aim was to see how much he can transform his body shape.

As his results show, he blew his goals out of the water and he looks a newer & younger Neil. On the 12 week shoot, he lost a further 1 stone 4 lbs! Meaning a total of 3 stone 7lbs shifted from starting at THQ to Neil’s shoot day.

All Neil did to achieve this amazing transformation, was to train on average 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes. His sessions were designed around a full body workout that focused on getting stronger and fitter.

Intensity in sessions were high, but it was only for 3-4 times a week so he knew it was manageable.

Whilst on the shoot, Neil used the successful 6 week meltdown meal planner and trained consistently. During the shoot, he even went on an all-inclusive holiday, but stayed in control of his foods and trained in the mornings to keep results progressing.

After the shoot, Neil started tracking calories. At first, he thought it would be too much effort and confusing.

However, once we explained how easy it is, he started tracking calories & his body shape began to change even further.

He enjoyed seeing the changes which encouraged him to keep tracking calories and training hard in the gym.

Neil now makes sure he takes 10 thousand steps a day, consistently trains 4 times a week and has managed to maintain his body shape. He has completely changed a body to look younger, but is also a lot stronger & fitter.

Think you’ll never get in shape? Think it’s too late to start? Think again….

Get in touch today and we can explain how we will get you to a body shape you can be proud of….

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